Alumnus of the Year

by: Chad Madden

It was a typical Tuesday afternoon. I was on my way over to Mt Calvary United Methodist Church to give the opening announcements at our monthly Health Mentor Luncheon. As I’m walking toward the front door I notice my mom’s car AND my wife’s car. I immediately knew something was up. We’ve been holding these luncheons for years and this is the first one she went to. As it turns out, I was nominated for the Central Dauphin High School Alumni Association’s Alumnus of the Year Award. Still clueless, I came in and made my opening announcements and was on my way to question my wife and mom about why exactly they were there. . That’s when Joann Beadencup stands up and starts talking….sneaky stuff. I was caught off-guard. I didn’t know what to say other than thank-you at the time. Later that night, I reflected on my years in high school and realized that most of the experiences that have stuck with me are failures.

Mrs. Osman 10th grade English

“A boy becomes a man when a man is needed” -John Steinback, Flight

That’s a quote that has always stuck with me throughout the years…it is also the one question I got wrong on the pop-quiz in class. I ran into Mrs. Osman in Giant a few years ago and told her I still remember this and I think she started breaking down crying. It was such a cool experience to reconnect with a past teacher of mine and show her that even after all these years, I still remember what she taught me.

My Mediocre Athletic Career

It’s no secret that I was a mediocre athlete at Central Dauphin. However, I still enjoyed myself and learned valuable life lessons while I competed. Some of the coolest experiences I remember involve being on the football field under the lights or standing by the track waiting for my event and hearing Mr. Fox and Mr. Ferguson over the loud speakers. I also wrestled for Mr. Kramer at Central Dauphin and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to have my face smashed into the mat by All-American wrestlers like Wade Schallas and Rocky Bonomo. All of those memories had an impact on my life, however, the single most important sports memory that laid the foundation for my life ahead of me was being cut from the Baseball team. Being cut from my favorite sport taught me how to re-direct my energy elsewhere…and so I did.

Pat Herigan and my only “D” I ever received at Central Dauphin

Pat was my 12th grade English teacher, yes another failure associated with English, who also gave me the only D that I have ever received while at Central Dauphin. I remember it was for a project on “Ode on a Grecian Urn” by Keats. I completely flopped on this project and couldn’t get it in on time and ended up doing poorly.

What did I learn?

All of these past failures and support have shaped me into the person I am today. It laid the foundation for the core values of Madden Physical Therapy and it also shares an important message for those who believe that in order to succeed in life you must never fail. You’re going to fail. Things happen. Your successes don’t make you the person you are, it’s how you recover from life’s failures. Through my experiences at Central Dauphin, I have realized how important those 3 years of high school have been in being the person I am today. I love to give back to the school district and the community. We have student’s from CD do their senior year co-op shadowing at the clinic, we donate to almost every sport’s team or club from Central Dauphin, and we do a lot of charity work in remembrance of Becca Engle. I want to thank the Central Dauphin High School Alumni Association again for honoring me with this award and for those who have impacted my life while at Central Dauphin.


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